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5/21 Nourish Your Vitality: A Year Long Journey Into Wholness with Suzanne Lynch,  Space is limited, Apply to join now!

5/21 The 5 Essential Habits: A 6 Week Course with Suzanne Lynch, Apply now!

 3 Private Health Coaching spots open with Suzanne Lynch. When your body’s not working, your life’s not working!  Address problems now. Email: Suzanne.lynch@me.com.

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1/15/19: The 5 Essential Habits for Health Course Starts!


The 5 Essential Habits for Health Course is designed to help you make a quantum leap into your health and happiness! Questions about the course?

Space is limited, join soon! 
We’ll address your specific health goals and help you meet them with a whole lot more ease than going it alone!
The 5 Essential Habits helps you deal with weight loss, sleep issues, digestion, anxiety and depression, blood sugar issues, auto-immune disorders, joint pain and more!


Step into more health with:

-Delicious Food
-Enjoyable Movement
-Deep Rest
-A close knit group with lasting friendships
-Habit Change Strategies that Work
-Practices that Support Sanity

The 5 Essential Habits Course Includes:  

—6 Live Zoom Calls with Suzanne and the Group

—Weekly Emails

—An online forum to connect to the power we hold as a group

—E-books with the lessons we cover

—1-1 Sessions with Suzanne to focus on your health goals for 2109

Sustainable change is possible!!  I love the results my clients are getting:

They lost weight

They have less joint pain

They sleep better

They smile more

If you are ready to make a change in 2019 I’m ready to support you, now is the time to step forward!  


Email: Suzanne.Lynch@me.com