Suzanne Lynch

Suzanne Lynch has been helping people get out of pain for the last 10 years,

Here’s what her clients are saying:

Last year I tore my meniscus in my left knee; my options were surgery or cortisone shots. I did not like either choice. I did an online search for yoga, and chose your studio; I love it!  The Therapeutics class helped my knee so much that I believe that I am 90% cured.

When my knee improved I was able to lose 20 lb.  I began doing better physically and emotionally, and started walking, weight lifting, and general cross training. Then I was able to lose the weight, getting my knee working again was so important.

Rachel Sams,
Retired NY State Worker

I tell everyone how you and yoga saved Mark’s life; more specifically, his back. He does the same. He’s still golfing and practicing orthodontics after 46 years thanks to you!

Susan Marcus

The most exciting news is that my latest dexa scan report indicates I had a 5.8% increase in bone density in my lumbar spine since last year.  I am sure this is due to my increased yoga practice, because I changed nothing else!  Saratoga Springs yoga has changed my health and my spirit in so many good ways! 

Carolyn Pasley

13 years ago, I had a life threatening injury that almost curtailed my athletic ventures.  As an active adult, I was in constant  annoying pain , I lived on over the counter pain medications   Saratoga Springs Yoga’s approach to mind and body has increased my level of enjoyment and participation in all my outside sports.  In the past 7 months, I have eliminated 95 % of any type of pain medication. Whether it is skiing,hockey, biking,working out, or kayaking, SSY has helped me significantly improve my performance and skill. My only regret is I cannot attend more often!

Rick Cobello

Suzanne has a rich and powerful presence that fills the room when she teaches. She gracefully moves the students through the poses, managing to interject fun and meaningful insight, as well as specific ways each individual can improve.

She has a warm and personal style and her feedback always feels like it’s coming from a loving place.

I always feel challenged, no matter where I’m at in my practice, and I see her meet each student’s needs with humility and care. As well, her commitment to always be learning and growing as a human being is inspiring and upholding of the journey towards a more peaceful existence. She truly exemplifies embracing the process and finding joy in the ups and downs.

She also has a great laugh ;)

Niki Clyne

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