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Suzanne Lynch

Owner and director of Saratoga Springs Yoga, Suzanne arrived at her yoga mat in 1989 propelled by a burning desire to learn more about life. She figured with a few years of practice she’d be enlightened—NOT! BUT, she did experience the healing flow of prana produced by deep alignment, and has been a student of yoga ever since. She became a teacher in 2002, after working for the Red Cross, during the Trade Center bombings. In her work as a grief counselor, she found yoga connected her to a reservoir of strength and stability, even in the midst of a crisis of epic proportions.

Suzanne created Saratoga Springs Yoga in 2008 to offer yoga classes as preventive, holistic, community based health care. She finds joy to connecting with those who are vibrant, awake, and evolving (or would like to be!). Suzanne’s wisdom and compassion come from long experience. She has a special talent and affinity for Therapeutic Yoga, and loves helping clients feel better than they have in years. Her classes can be challenging and precise, and are balanced by her warm sense of humor, delight in teaching, and sometimes, but not always, by her profound insights. She has unbounded gratitude to her primary asana teachers: Deb Neubauer, John Friend, and Iyengar teachers Elaine McGillicuddy, and Patricia Walden.

A meditator for 20 years, Suzanne’s teaching is informed by years of study with Contemplative Outreach, and, for the last four years, with intensive study in practical mysticism, Yoga Philosophy, and meditation with Paul Muller Ortega, PhD, one of the most renowned academic scholars of Indian Religion and Sanskrit. Suzanne lives in Saratoga with her husband, and 2 young cats who make their lives a continual love fest. She is a mom of two grown children, an adventurous traveler, and especially loves being in Italy for the month of June. Suzanne aims to facilitate a vibrant and luminous expansion of the individual prana of each student, connecting them with their heart, and their vast potential. If you like to laugh, want to move especially gracefully through life, and are committed to transformation, join her class today!

Peaceful Weight Loss
Through Yoga

  • Struggled with futile attempts at the gym?
  • Ever lost weight just to gain it all back (plus even more?)
  • Beat yourself up for lack of will power?
  • Notice that no matter what you do you are unhappy with how you look?
  • Despair when you look at the scale?

Of course you have! This has been the experience we all share. But it does not have to be this way.

Peaceful Weight Loss

Are you looking for a path that will support a more peaceful state of mind around your body and food? We offer Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga Sessions. It’s a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off. This is a long term solution, not a quick fix, and has helped hundreds of people who wanted to lose weight and find balance in their lives.

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