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Simple is Better.


Most of us have lives with a LOT going on right now.  The nature of our world is complicated, and the waves of life seem especially choppy, chaotic, and erratic these days.

Because of this, I believe a simple approach to our health is better.

I’ve seen that to create a strong foundation for lifelong health, we can take simple steps that have a profound impact over time. 
The deep roots of chronic conditions, like heart disease, osteoporosis, anxiety issues, migraines, and a myriad of other conditions lie in the way we live our lives everyday. 

It’s pretty simple, in order to feel better, we need to address lifestyle, diet, and our emotional stress levels.  If we turn our attention there, and make changes, many disorders or chronic conditions lessen or even resolve entirely on their own.

Most of us try hard to make changes, and most often fail.  We overwork in ways that are not effective, and fail to make the simple changes that would actually help.  The refain here is: “Why did I even think I could change!???”.  

Or, we actually suceed in making a change, but then can’t sustain it without constant effort.  (Ever lost weight, but then gained it all back and more—if so you are in good company.)

As a Yoga Health Coach my job is to offer support to clients and help them take the most effective steps. I make this process of change as easily as possible.

Let’s face it: changing our daily habits is stressful. Who knows what that nightly pint of Ben and Jerry’s is holding together in our lives?  

I’ve found that the key is taking very small steps with ease and love, it’s the only sustainable way to create health and happiness.  In other words, don’t worry—I won’t take away your ice cream in the first week of our working together. However, as we progress you might decide to try giving up your nightly ice cream up, maybe one night a week, at first.  Together, we’d see how that goes, noticing if you feel more energy in the morning, and throughout the day from your action.

What simple step might you take today toward more health and happiness?

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