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Stronger Together: Groups and Sustainable Change

It’s true: We can achieve more working together rather than as separate individuals.

At Saratoga Springs Yoga, I consistently saw positive changes in students over time, especially with those that took part in our membership program. Those folks attended class often, and perhaps more importantly, had friendships that allowed them to offer hope and encouragement to each other. 

Groups can provide a positive culture of sustained change.  A group helps you to actually show up.  They notice when you are absent, discouraged, or having a bad day.  

And, because just showing up increases your chances of making a shift, being in a group can help you with repetition, and with that often comes success.  

For true sustainable change to take place repetition, accountability, and support are key.  

Ever taken a step toward greater health?  Did you take two steps forward then and three steps back?  You’re not alone. We’ve all been there been there.  Failure is in fact, part of the process, and that’s why the support component of the group is so important.

Change is a process and not a moment.  Change takes focused attention to become a habit.  As a habit becomes more and more deeply rooted it slowly becomes more automatic, and then gets much easier to maintain as your “new normal”.  This process may take a while; joining a group helps you hang in there over the long haul.

Besides, being in a group can be just plain fun. One of the surprising and enlightening things for me about groups is that in our engagment together more insights arise for everyone involved.  Remember that old saying, “Two eyes are better than one”?  Well, from different perspectives comes a delightful depth of vision.

Last but not least, groups help us rise to the occasion, and remind us that we are all rooted in something much bigger than ourselves.  Rumi’s words remind us of the power of this kind of support: 

“Friend, our closness is this

Anywhere you put your foot

Feel me in the firmness under you.”


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