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Chaos and Breakdown and Your Unique Purpose

It would be great if life were always like a summer yoga class with harp music, but it’s not!
Breakdown and chaos, I’m seeing it everywhere; certainly in our current global/political situation, and also, in our individual lives. Lately, in my own life, and in the lives of others, I see breakdowns in marriages, jobs, health, or family situations, that we never dreamed would fall apart.  It seems like a tidal wave in our culture—at least from my viewpoint. 

Taking this in, I would say that it’s essential for all of us on the earth right now to take a deep breath, and reconnect with our unique mission in this world.  Why are here at this particular time in history?  What are we being called to do? 
It’s the moment for each of us to tap into what truly sustains us, what lasts, and what is most important to us.  When we are connected to this, we bring this energy into our actions in the world. 

The world needs each of us to be tuned into our True Purpose, Soul’s Path, or dharma in life, now more than ever.

The cool thing is, when you begin to make the connection to your bigger purpose, the results can be amazing. The process begins to create much more energy; it’s like discovering a lightning bolt of energy to fuel your life!
If you are feeling sadness, fear, anxiety, or depletion—those might be signs you need to reconnect at a deeper level to your Soul’s Path.  
Start to do this by relaxing more, creating a little more space and ease in your life.  
—Go for a stroll after dinner
—Give yourself a few min. of silence after lunch.  
—Take a 2 min. stretch break every hour at work.  
Believe it or not, taking small actions like this to create some breathing space, and doing it EVERYDAY will help you recconect with your True Purpose, and that will help, not only you, but all of us. 


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