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Opening the Heart by Carol McCord, Anusara Yoga Teacher

For the last six years I’ve been teaching in the heartfelt tradition of Anusara Yoga and using heart imagery in all of the classes that I’ve taught. I deeply appreciate Anusara because of the way that it touches the heart—makes us more aware of our own qualities of heart as well as those of others. Last June I learned that my heart—- my physical heart—- had become clogged and that cardiac by-pass surgery was necessary for the heart/blood to flow more freely. For someone who has lived such a healthy and heartful life, this came as quite a surprise. My journey these last few months has given me a deeper understanding of the connections—-of the inseparability—- between our physical, emotional and metaphorical heart.

I will be returning to Saratoga Springs Yoga on Wednesday evenings. I look forward to sharing some of my heart-inspired understandings with you then.



Peter Namdev Hayes writes about the Goddess Tara

In the Vedas, the name Tara is an attribute of Shiva as Deliverer or Savior…Tara’s, in fact, is that “saving wisdom” that rescues one when all else fails.



written by Peter Namdev Hayes

One of the kirtans we’ll be chanting Saturday evening is to the Goddess Tara, whose identity is set forth below:

                     … is an ancient one for the Shakti — the divine Feminine — in one of her most universal and exalted forms.
In Tibetan Buddhism, Tara is the Supreme Goddess. In China, she is Qwan Yin. She was once widely venerated in the West: in Rome as Terra Mater, Mother Earth, and in Athens as Taramata, whose jaunty dance, the tarantella, is still danced today and can be seen in the opening scenes of The Godfather.
In Ireland, Tara, her centrally-located grove is the sacred spot where kings were made and where union with her husband, Taran, whose signs were lightning, rain, thunder, was the origin of fanfare: taran-tara!
In the Vedas, the name Tara is an attribute of Shiva as Deliverer or Savior. The Sanskrit root, tri, means “to take one across.” Unlike Ganesha, remover of obstacles, or Durga, their destroyer, Tara lifts one over them to the other side. She’s often likened to a ship or vessel that ferries one safely across the Sea of Existence to the Enlightened Country on the other shore. Heinrich Zimmer calls her “she who in the mind of all .. leads out beyond the darkness of bondage, [as] the primordial force of self-mastery and redemption.” Tara’s, in fact, is that “saving wisdom” that rescues one when all else fails.
Gypsy Queen
Barbara G. Walker in Secrets of the Tarot: Origins, History and Symbolism, writes:
The gypsies’ real homeland was India, whence they began to migrate westward about the ninth century, carrying their typically Hindu sacred booklets as card packs…. Many of the gypsies’ beliefs centered on…the Great Mother, still worshipped in India as the Goddess of a Hundred Names…. Gypsies knew her as Ma or Mata, or Laki (Lakshmi), or Kali, or Sara, or Tara…. The mysterious word Tarot, whose origin has never been traced, may have derived from the name of this Goddess who ruled men’s fates.
The Far Shore
One of Tara’s most exquisite images is as Prajnaparamita, the Wisdom of the Far Shore. In this 13th-Century Javanese stone sculpture, she is seated in the full lotus: young, serene, majestic, grave, with slim hips and high, bare breasts and the flicker of a smile that’s a cross between the Buddha’s and the Mona Lisa’s.
While in Amsterdam some years back I planned on visiting her exquisite murti at the Rijksmuseum in Leiden, only to discover it had been recently repatriated to Indonesia. While commending the Dutch, I was so disappointed. But I shouldn’t have been surprised. The mantra of the Prajnaparamita Sutra is:
Om. Gone, gone! Completely gone! Utterly and completely gone! To the Far Shore! Swaha!
And she was!




Deb Neubauer writes about Healing and Empowerment (her upcoming workshop)

“Because of the pain I have experienced in the past, I can say with full conviction that the principles articulated by our teacher John Friend, quite simply, work.  They are proven, time tested and powerful.” 

-Deb Neubauer


Healing & Empowerment: Two Part Anusara Yoga (TM) Therapeutic Series

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 written by Deb Neubauer, Anusara Yoga(tm) Instructor

Recently I began listening to a taped presentation on a very mainstream topic.  I won’t say what the topic was or who the speaker was or who the organization was that created the CD’s that I was listening to,  but the presentation began by being introduced in a way that was all too familiar.  The speaker introduced the program by saying it was “The most complete, powerful and practical” program ever created, on the art and science of this particular topic.    The speaker promised that the person speaking was THE leader in this technology and the organization backing this individual was THE leader in the subject, and that by listening to these talks, we were guaranteed to move to the next level of mastery in this particular arena.  

We’ve all heard these kinds of hyperbolic introductions before, and sometimes the subjects introduced by the teacher or speaker really do propel you to a new place of mastery, healing and empowerment.  I don’t know about you, but I always take these kinds of introductions with a grain of salt.  Today, however, I am actually writing one of these introductions myself.

In just a few weeks, I’ll have the great opportunity of returning to Saratoga Springs, NY to offer a two weekend Therapeutics series.   In this series, I’ll introduce the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment ™ in a highly specific context.  We will look at most major areas of the structural body as well as some psychological conditions that do not fall under the category of “needing medication”.    We will look at basic anatomical principles of alignment that do not necessitate your learning the names, origins and insertions of the hundreds of different muscles in the body.  We will practice individually, in partners and in the whole group context and there will be time for questions and answers.   In these classes, I guarantee that you will move to a new level of understanding your own body, the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment ™ , how to work in your own practice to heal a wide variety of musculo-skeletal imbalances and conditions, and how to help students and friends get out of pain.  

I am inspired to offer these workshops because I personally have used the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment ™ on myself thousands of times, to move body, mind and spirit to a place of healing and empowerment.  When I first met John Friend back in 1993, I was in so much pain, physically and emotionally that it hurt to be awake!!  I couldn’t eat, sit, stand or speak without the constant agony in my back.  Over a period of 5-6 years, he systematically showed me the way to relieve layer after layer of misalignment that was creating the pain.  

Over the years, every time I had the opportunity to be with John, I would fill several notebooks by writing down every word he said.  I would take my notebooks into my practice room which was my laboratory and I became the human experiment.  Over a period of a decade or so, I moved myself from a condition of constant agonizing pain to an existence without for the most part, physical pain, and I developed a powerful tool box for relieving the kind of psychological pain that mystifies and confuses, dis-empowers and denies the radiant spirit that pulses inside.   

Because of the pain I have experienced in the past, I can say with full conviction that the principles articulated by our teacher John Friend, quite simply, work.  They are proven, time tested and powerful.  They are incredible tools for opening the deep structures of the body and mind that are locked in pain and limitation.  They are incredibly powerful propellants for removing restriction and rediscovering our own juicy, creative, power-filled, light filled pulse.   

I am excited to share the tools that I have used for my own healing and empowerment with the greater Saratoga Springs Yoga community.  I hope you’ll join us!!

Get More Information & Sign up for this great event!

 Deb Neubauer’s Biography

Deb Neubauer, Certified Anusara Yoga™ Instructor, E-RYT 500, has been a student of yoga since 1985 and a practicioner of meditation since 1995.  She has traveled the world receiving in-depth instruction in Hatha Yoga asana, pranayama and meditation practice from such renowned masters as BKS Iyengar, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.  In 1993, Deb met John Friend and began extensive study in Anusara.  She was the 16th teacher to be certified in Anusara and one of the first 7 Designated Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainers. More recently, Deb began extensive philosophical study and meditation practice with Paul Muller Ortega Ph.D..  Deb now travels extensively throughout the world, offering the teachings with a joyful heart.



Interview with Suzanne (Times Union Blog)

“We’ve all been given many gifts - our life, body, breath, talents - and even our limitations. And, each of these gifts is an avenue through which divine radiance can shine.  Anusara Yoga is a form of practice that celebrates this.” 

-Judi England


Check out this post in the Times Union Holistic Health Blog! [link] Judi England’s interview with Saratoga Springs Yoga’s founder Suzanne Lynch is informative and inspiring.

Click here to check out the article.


Veggie Thanksgiving Recipes (NYTimes)

When executive chef Michael Anthony from New York City’s Gramercy Tavern added a series of vegetable tasting dishes to the celebrated restaurant’s menu, he wasn’t trying to attract vegetarian diners.

PHOTO: Michael Nagle for The New York TimesWe love great food (right, who doesn’t?), so occasionally we’ll share our own recipes or web finds. Well, here’s a timely article with 23(!) AMAZING vegan and vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes at the New York Times Well Blog, [link] by Tara Parker-Pope.

Not wild about brussel sprouts? There are PLENTY of other ingredients and the photos are stunning.

Photo: Buckwheat and Black Kale With Brussels Sprouts

Turn on your printer and check out the article!

p.s. yogis burn more calories