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Suzanne’s Blog


Welcome to our new "Yoga Talk" blog

I finally decided it was time for my blogging days to begin, after thinking it over for a long time. What tipped me over the edge was realizing just how much I can share with the great students who practice at Saratoga Springs Yoga. My students already know that I have a lot to say about yoga, the beauty of Anusara practice and the radiance and wonder of our world. What I haven't had is a way to share some of my thoughts and discoveries in a more informal way — one that isn't limited to the short period before and after class time.

So here we go! This is the place where I can let you in on my thoughts and discoveries on all sorts of subjects. There will be plenty of serious Yoga Talk (of course), but I'm going to branch out too. I hope to offer posts from guest "bloggers" — yoga teachers I admire, for example. If I find some great yoga-related news item on the web, I'll share it here. Or mention a good book I'm reading. It's no secret that I love good food and cooking, so once in a while: recipes! And there will be plenty of practice tips and information that goes hand-in-hand with my class talks.

Who knows where this will go? And you, my great and wonderful students, please send me YOUR ideas for a Yoga Talk article — all ideas are welcome!

Blessings, Suzanne

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