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Suzanne’s Blog


Soup Is Love.

Soup, it’s an amazing support these days.

A steaming bowl  provides deep nourishment, and a warm, soothing sense of well-being. 

Nearly every evening simple soups and stews are a standby for my family meal.

To make it easy, I always have delicious broth on hand. (You can buy broth as well—but it’s easy to make, and much less expensive than the “bone broths” sold in Health Food stores these days.)
Pictured above: broth with onions, celery, carrots, beet greens and store bought gnocchi.   
If I have broth on hand fresh or frozen, I can walk into the kitchen and have supper ready in 20 min. 

Make broth about once a week (it freezes beautifully) and then add whatever you like: spices, veggies, pasta, beans, rice, meat or tofu, to make endless variations of nourishing and soothing evening meals.  Add some crusty bread, or cornbread or crackers, and you have a delicious and easy dinner; everyone gets to feel the love. 

Here’s the recipe I use:  
Brodo, From The Splendid Table, by Lynne Rossetto Casper

8-9 lbs of chicken or turkey bones (you can use turkey wings)

2-3 pounds of meaty beef shank or soup bones trimmed of fat. (Leave these out if you’re not a beef fan.)

3 stalks of celery with leaves

3 large carrots chopped

4 very large onions, unpeeled (trim root ends) chopped

2 large bay leaves

3 or more sprigs Italian parsley

2 large cloves garlic, unpeeled and crushed

Working Ahead: This stock holds, cover in the fridge for 3 to 4 days. Freeze it for up to 4 months in different size containers, from 2 tablespoon ice cubes to quart jars.

Starting Stock: In one 20 Quart or two 10 quart stockpots combine the bones you have.  Cover with cold water by about 4 inches.  Let the water come to a slow bubble.  Skim foam off surface.

Simmering: Add the vegtables, bay leaves, parsley and garlic.  Regulate the heat so the broth bubbles very slowly. (So you can say, “one hundred” between the bubbles.)  Partially cover, and cook 12 to 14 hours.  If necessary, add water to keep the solids covered.  

The long cooking surprises many. This extended simmering draws all the flavor from the meat and bones, producing stock with exceptionally deep taste.  You can start the stock after dinner and let it cook all night, partially covered, at a slow bubble.  Make sure it’s bubbling slowly, because leaving it below that will cause spoilage.  The next morning turn off the heat and strain the stock.

Finishing: Refrigerate the strained stock until fat hardens on the surface.  Discard all but 2 tablespoons of the fat.  (In Italy one sign of a proper broth is luminous pin dots of fat called the “eyes” of the broth.  Although never greasy, that tiny amount of fat gives flavor.  Pour into containers and refrigerate or freeze.














Sleep for a Competitive Edge

There’s not a single tissue in the body that is not beneficially affected by sleep. 

Sleep is the single most important thing you can do everyday to reset and restore your brain and body.

Sleep is one of the most effective ways to metabolize stress hormones, which are the real culprits when it comes to the chronic inflammation that wrecks havoc on our brains and bodies over time.  (Exacerbated inflammation in the body has been linked to increased risk for Alzheimer’s diabetes, arthritis, heart attack and stroke.)

Getting enough sleep can not only help our health, but it can help us do our best at work, and actually give us the competitive edge we may need to succeed there.

Arianna Huffington, in her book, The Sleep Revolution, says many professional sports teams recognized sleep as essential to success:

“For athletes, sleep isn’t just about performance but also about staying in the sport over the long haul. Major League Baseball players who were fatigued were almost twice as likely to leave the sport early than there more rested teammates.  For players who want to have long lucrative careers, ignoring sleep is not the way to go about it.”    

When Golden State Warrior’s Andre Iguodala made 8 hours of sleep a priority:

—His points per minute went up 29%
—His free-throw percentage increased by 8.9%
—His 3 point shot percentage more than doubled
—His turnovers decreased 37% per game
—His fouls dropped by an astounding 45%!!!!!!

Once he got some sleep coaching, Iguodala was named the 2015 Finals MVP.
Go to bed 15 min. early tonight to increase your competive edge.



Simple is Better.


Most of us have lives with a LOT going on right now.  The nature of our world is complicated, and the waves of life seem especially choppy, chaotic, and erratic these days.

Because of this, I believe a simple approach to our health is better.

I’ve seen that to create a strong foundation for lifelong health, we can take simple steps that have a profound impact over time. 
The deep roots of chronic conditions, like heart disease, osteoporosis, anxiety issues, migraines, and a myriad of other conditions lie in the way we live our lives everyday. 

It’s pretty simple, in order to feel better, we need to address lifestyle, diet, and our emotional stress levels.  If we turn our attention there, and make changes, many disorders or chronic conditions lessen or even resolve entirely on their own.

Most of us try hard to make changes, and most often fail.  We overwork in ways that are not effective, and fail to make the simple changes that would actually help.  The refain here is: “Why did I even think I could change!???”.  

Or, we actually suceed in making a change, but then can’t sustain it without constant effort.  (Ever lost weight, but then gained it all back and more—if so you are in good company.)

As a Yoga Health Coach my job is to offer support to clients and help them take the most effective steps. I make this process of change as easily as possible.

Let’s face it: changing our daily habits is stressful. Who knows what that nightly pint of Ben and Jerry’s is holding together in our lives?  

I’ve found that the key is taking very small steps with ease and love, it’s the only sustainable way to create health and happiness.  In other words, don’t worry—I won’t take away your ice cream in the first week of our working together. However, as we progress you might decide to try giving up your nightly ice cream up, maybe one night a week, at first.  Together, we’d see how that goes, noticing if you feel more energy in the morning, and throughout the day from your action.

What simple step might you take today toward more health and happiness?


A Cold Winter Calls for Easy Warming Food

I decided to share this recipe with you because in the depths of a cold winter comforting, warming, soothing foods will support us like nothing else!  This delicious dish looks so easy… and it is, if you are organized.  

How to make this recipe happen at home:

1) Watch the video, and click on the ingredients list.  From there make your shopping list.

2) Check in with yourself: what sounds most delicious to you?  As Jamie points out, you could use tofu, instead of chicken, or you could use pork, lamb, or beef.  Are there some other seasonal ingrediants might work beside the snow-peas he uses?  Cabbage, greens, or carrots come to mind for me.  What sounds most appealing to you?

3) Schedule the day you will cook this dish.

4) Do the prep in the morning, assembling and cutting up the veggies and chicken, before you go to work. That way, you’ll be ready to roll when you step into the kitchen, and done cooking in about 20 min.

5) ENJOY a delicious, dish that will warm your body, AND the hearts of you and your loved ones this January.


A Daily Gratitude Practice for 2017: Why? Because It Works.

I know for sure that the habits we cultivate over over the course of our lives make a difference.  

For instance, the simple habit of cultivating the quality of gratitude has been proven to give us: improved sleep, increased resilience for when things get tough, increased self-esteem, psychological buoyancy, and gratitude can help us stay more balanced and poised through all the changes and phases in our lives. 

Try this Three Step”Gratitude Practice” from Joanna Macy, an environmental activist and Buddhist scholar:

1) Notice:
Scan your recent memories and identify something in the last 24 hours that you are pleased about. It can be something very simple, something that makes you think, “I’m glad that happened.”
2) Savor:
Close your eyes and imagine that you are experiencing that moment again.  Notice any colors sounds, sensations, smells, tastes, colors, and notice how you feel.

3) Give Thanks
Who or what helped this moment to happen?  Was anyone (or anything) else involved?  If so, think of them and imagine expressing your thanks.

This simple practice helps us train our minds to notice the upside of life more easily and quickly, and, over time, this can have a profound impact on our health and happiness.