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Suzanne Lynch, YTT Teacher

Suzanne has been helping people get out of pain, and live happier, healthier lives for over 12 years.


She has a special talent and affinity for Therapeutic Yoga, and loves helping clients feel better than they have in years. Suzanne has been a meditator for 30 years, and was certified in 2001 by the NACC as a Catholic Chaplain. She was an Anusara Yoga Teacher. Suzanne lives in Saratoga with her husband, Bruce, a physician who treats chemical addictions. She is a mom of two grown children. Her daughter in Italy keeps her eating especially well, and her son, living in the US, takes her on the biggest travel adventures. If you want to get out of pain, move more gracefully through life, and are committed to transformation, email her today!

Amy Reed, YTT Assistant Teacher

I am part scientist, part seeker, part philosophy nerd, part athlete, part storyteller and 100% human. I grew up in a spiritually diverse household with a Quaker mother, Buddhist father, and Christian grandmother. From this fertile foundation, I was called to study a wide variety of spiritual traditions from a young age, including Yoga and meditation. My mother is also a professional storyteller, so I grew up steeped in the oral tradition, in a community of artists and wanderers that taught me to value a good conversation. My family also instilled me with a deep love and respect of the natural world. Hippies at heart, my parents trucked me all over the mountains and forests of California and I found, as John Muir said, “that going out…was really going in”.


As I gathered my years I became more and more curious about the asanas (postures) of Yoga. In the poses, I found hidden doorways to more and more of my self. I started to live IN my body IN the world, rather than just on the surface of it. So I studied as much of it as I possibly could, devouring the styles of Kundalini, Iyengar, & Ashtanga Vinyasa as a teenager. Then, in 2001 I moved to Massachusetts to attend Smith College and I met master teacher Deb Neubauer and began the study of Anusara Yoga. I spent over a decade in that style and studied extensively with John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze, Desiree Rumbaugh, Darren Rhodes and many more.

In early 2012 I chose to resign my Certification with Anusara and welcome a wider vision of modern hatha yoga, beyond a style or brand. In 2005, I graduated from Smith with a degree in Geology. Also, since 2005 I have had the great gift of sitting near Dr. Douglas Brooks often enough to learn from him about Yoga history, philosophy and the Rajanaka Tantra. And since 2009 I have studied Kashmir Shivism and Neelakantha Meditation with Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega. I have been studying Yoga and how to teach it for nearly 15 years now and I think it shows.

In my teaching, I strive to keep it real, teaching from my everyday experience with authenticity and humor. My classes are challenging in a way that grows awareness instead of diminishes it and fun in a way that is both deep and playful. I have also been told more than a few times that folks feel safe in my classes. I think this is because I am fanatical about clear, progressive alignment and I use intelligent & creative sequences that empower students to work consciously at their expanding edge. I often weave stories of the yoga tradition into the asana practice as a way of seeing more of ourselves. And I am married to the breath and I love to sweat, so I offer up a healthy dose of flow in every class.

200-Hour SSY Yoga Teacher Training: Learn to teach great classes with confidence.

New! Become a Yoga Therapist!  Our Yoga Therapy Program allows you to train to Be a Yoga Therapist while taking our 200-Hour YTT!  We are partnering with Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy to offer this new program!  

Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program

Choose from two tracks: the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Track, or 200 Hour Teacher Training plus Yoga Therapy Training.  Details coming on start dates for both these programs.


Yoga Therapy Training: Includes our 200-Hour Teacher Training as well as: The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Online Course  The Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy Program is designed to certify you to work with individuals within the yoga therapy model. Upon completion you will have the information and skills to work one-on-one with people for a wide range of conditions.  (Note: Retreats with Brandt are not included in this program.) 

All programs include:

—Foundational training in the life enhancing practices of yoga: asana, meditation, pranayama.
—11 Months of incredible support, not just from me, but from the community. 
—Compassionate accountability in meeting your personal goals for health, wellness, and expansion.
— Benefits for your body, your spirituality, your life dreams and goals, and your unique way of seeing and being in the world.

—Pattern-untangling on a physical, mental, and emotional level, and self-care to-the-max. 

By joining our one of our “deeper studies programs” this January you agree to step into the field of change.  This kind of commitment gives Yoga a chance to truly work.  Our visionary approach will serve you for a lifetime!


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When you commit to yourself, and engage with the teachings more seriously, life gets WAY better.

Bonus: You will be glowing at the end of 11 months! 

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Tuition Fees for 200-Hour Teacher Training: $3,900  

Tuition Fees for 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training PLUS Yoga Therapy Training: $5,600 

Summer Retreat: Wed. Jul 15 to Sunday July 19 (attendance required to successfully complete program.)

In this 11-month course you will build an extraordinary foundation for your teaching and your life!

You love yoga, and you are ready to take action and go deeper! Our Yoga Teacher Training is designed to give aspiring teachers effective, practical skills to teach basic classes with confidence. 

Grounded in deep, authentic practices of asana and meditation, we will use intelligent & creative sequences that empower students to work consciously at their expanding edge, and create a stable platform for the growth of Consciousness. From this strength and stability comes the development of true teaching skills.

Connect to your heart, and your authentic voice to impact the rest of your life in a profound way!

This Teacher Training is open to students of all traditions, and to students who would like to transform their lives through deepening their practice and knowledge of yoga.

Suzanne Lynch, Owner and Director of Saratoga Springs Yoga, will be leading the training. 

You will receive:

  • Yoga practices that support the optimal unfolding of your life, vibrant health, and an awake mind.
  • Guidance on your path of awakening through Q & A Calls with the group and Suzanne.
  • Practical knowledge needed to offer fun and engaging yoga classes.
  • Immersion in, and help in applying in the teachings of Ayurveda to your own life.
  • A delicious 5-day July retreat, held at Saratoga Springs Yoga Studio, to more deeply experience a yogic life style.

Prerequisites: Have an ability to be open and curious, a desire for transformation, a willingness to take action, and courage for the journey.  We also recommend at least a year of regular asana practice, 3 to 4 times a week.

Requirements to receive your Yoga Teacher’s Certification:

  • Attendance at all weekends is required. All missed sessions must be made up attending other Teacher Training sessions (additional hourly fees apply to these make-up sessions).
  • Commitment to take one weekly class.
  • Successful completion of all YTT homework assignments.
  • A regular yoga practice (minimum 1 hour practice, 4 days/week).
  • Meditate 20 minutes a day.

Acceptance into program is based on approval of your application.

Additional required hours (outside YTT Weekends) include:

  • 3-5 Hours of assisting.
  • 10 hours practice teaching on your own.
  • Reading and writing assignments, due each weekend. There is 30 plus hours of homework over the course of the training.  (About 10-12 hours per month.)

Certification: Students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the YTT Program will receive a Certificate of Completion from Saratoga Springs Yoga, and will also be certified by the Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200

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Course content includes:

  • Dedication to personal practice and self-reflection; deepening studentship
  • Anatomy & therapeutic applications of yoga
  • Mentoring and personal feedback 
  • Conscious communication skills
  • Observation skills
  • Demonstration skills
  • Verbal and hands-on adjustments
  • Sequencing
  • Weaving a spiritual theme with alignment instructions throughout the class
  • Lesson planning and design
  • The ethics of teaching yoga
  • Taking the seat of the teacher
  • Practice teaching in pairs and small groups
  • Monthly homework assignments and required weekly yoga classes
  • Modifications for beginners and students with injuries or limitations
  • Creating meaningful themes
  • Refining Language skills
  • Classroom layout and creating sacred space



 Cancellation Policy for Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Programs:

Up to 4 weeks before the start of program, you may receive a refund minus 20% of the total cost. After that, no refunds are given for the Yoga Teacher Training, Body Radiance, or Yoga Therapy Programs.

We reserve the right to cancel this program if the minimum number of participants is not met.